Submission to the Senate Select Committee Inquiry into the Cost of Living

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ESA Tasmania members Dr Mala Raghaven, Dr Graeme Wells, Dr Maria Yanotti and Mary Bennett authored a submission to the Select Committee on the Cost of Living inquiry into: 

  1. the cost of living pressures facing Australians;
  2. the Government’s fiscal policy response to the cost of living;
  3. ways to ease cost of living pressures through the tax and transfer system; 
  4. measures to ease the cost of living through the provision of Government services; and
  5. any other related matter.

You can read the submission which was made by the University of Tasmania here:

Submission to Select Committee Inquiry into Cost of Living

Dr Raghaven, Dr Wells, Dr Yanotti and Ms Bennett gave evidence at the Inquiry's hearing in Hobart on 10 July 2023. 

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