Jenny Wilkinson, Treasury

Jenny Wilkinson, Division Head, Retirement Income Policy Division, Fiscal Group

Jenny Wilkinson has recently been appointed to run a new Division in the Treasury, the Retirement Income Policy Division. This division is responsible for advising Government on all aspects of retirement income policy, including aged pension policy and both the tax and regulatory aspects of superannuation policy. 

Over the past two years, Jenny has worked across a number of areas in Treasury, including Fiscal Group, Macroeconomic Group and Markets Group. In Macroeconomic Group, Jenny was responsible for advice to the Government on a wide range of matters relating to the performance of the Australian economy. These matters include current economic conditions and the outlook for the Australian economy, macroeconomic policies (that is, monetary and fiscal policies), and current and prospective international economic issues.

In Markets Group, Jenny was responsible for the Small Business, Competition and Consumer Policy Division. This Division provides policy advice on the policy and regulatory frameworks to support competitive market outcomes, the protection of consumers, and the efficient operation of the small business sector. It is responsible for most of the policies and legislation that are relevant to the ACCC.

From 2007 to 2013, Ms Wilkinson worked at the Department of Climate Change, which was responsible for leading and coordinating a whole-of-government approach to climate change. She held a range of positions in this Department and was closely involved in developing the Government’s policies on carbon pricing and renewable energy.    

Ms Wilkinson commenced her career at the Reserve Bank of Australia, where she worked in both the Economic Analysis and Economic Research Departments.

Ms Wilkinson holds a Masters Degree in Public Affairs from Princeton University and a Bachelors Degree in Economics (with Honours) from the Australian National University.

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